City Council Members

Byron Ames -
Matt Crittenden -
Jeremie Forman
Shana Fryer -

City Council Schedule

                                                                   Francis City Council
                                               2017 Meeting Schedule


 Pursuant to Section 52-4-6, Utah Code, notice is hereby given that the Francis City Council will hold their regular meetings during the 2016 calendar year as follows:

                                                                       January 12th, 2017

                                                           February 9th, 2017

                                                           March 9th, 2017

                                                           April 13th, 2017

                                                           May 11th, 2017

                                                           June 8th, 2017

                                                           July 13th, 2017

                                                           August 10th, 2017

                                                           September 14th, 2017

                                                           October 12th, 2017

                                                           November 9th, 2017

                                                           December 14th, 2017



Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m., and are held in the Francis City Community Building 2319 South Spring Hollow Rd., Francis, Utah 84036.

Any changes to the above schedule will be posted at the City Office, City Community Building, and the Francis City Website: and the Utah Public Notice Website.

In compliance with the American Disabilities, Act, Individuals needing special accommodations for these meetings should notify City Recorder Suzanne Gillett at 435-783-6236 or 2317 South Spring Hollow Rd. Francis, Utah 84036 at least 24 hours before this meeting.