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Pending Ordinance - Accessory Dwelling Units
The Planning Commission is reviewing updates to the Accessory Dwelling Unit code (Section 18.15.210). Any Accessory Dwelling Unit applications that are submitted will not be processed until after the Planning Commission has reviewed and recommended updates and the City Council has the opportunity to vote on these updates. 

Spring 2023 Flooding Information
Sand bags are available free of charge, located behind the City Offices in Francis.

The city is aware of flooding issues, many of which are being caused by rising ground water levels. Below are some suggestions on possible ways you can eliminate or minimize damage to your homes and surrounding properties. Remember water will take the path of least resistance so taking steps to ensure the water can flow in natural runoff areas will help mitigate flooding and damage to your home.
1. Ensure proper grading of yards - away from the homes and foundation.
2. Ensure all swales, ditches, and canals are free of debris and other blockages. If you had a ditch crossing your property and filled it in - remove the fill and allow the water to flow, because this year, it will flow. If you have neighbors that are unable to check their swales and ditches on their property, please assist your neighbor - remember if your swales and ditches are clear, but your neighbor's are not, the water will not flow.
3. If you are seeing water infiltration through foundations, consider moving furniture, electronics, and appliances or consider placing blocks or planks underneath to keep them out of water. If you have a sump system please ensure the water is being pumped into a swale, ditch, or other natural pathway for water.
4. The City of Francis does not have an underground storm drainage system. Do not pump water into the sewer system - or in or near manhole covers - these are for sewage and not storm water. Inundation of the sewer system by flood water can create serious issues with the sewer system and create widespread damage throughout the city.

Welcome to Francis, Utah

Francis, Utah, located at the southern end of Kamas Valley, is the gateway to the Uinta Mountains and Wasatch National Forest. Surrounded by mountains, the valley offers a scenic getaway that retains its rural atmosphere in the midst of expansion.

Since it was incorporated in 1939, Francis has enjoyed the growth brought about by the development of the Jordanelle Dam and reservoir, as well as the resulting highway which now gives travelers a more direct route to the Salt Lake Metropolitan area, just 45 minutes away. Francis is home to Frontier Days, a popular three day celebration over the Labor Day weekend and provides many activities for outdoor enthusiasts including hunting, fishing, camping and hiking making it an ideal location to live or play.